The aim of the project is to learn from each other and to develop a best practice regarding entrepreneurial learning for young people. The project will focus on using exterior entrepreneurship (in this case, performing arts, marketing, problem solving, teamwork) as a tool for developing internal entrepreneurship. Through practical action we seek to improve students’ self-esteem, commitment and activity both inside and outside the school. We believe this is vital to both personal and Professional success. Innovation, collaboration and communication are at the very core of Performance Arts. Modern business require strong skills in teamwork, ability to handle change and to build intercultural relationships. Many studies over the last twenty years show a clear connection between exposing employees to art and their performance in teams, innovation and creativity. This Project seeks to create synergies between the worlds of entrepreneurial business thinking, performance arts and the asset of being from different European cultures. We expect to reap benefits from this in the form of new intercultural entrepreneurial understanding and skills for students, staff and schools.

The background of this project is a long-standing partnership between two schools in mid Scandinavia, Jämtlands Gymnasium (JGY) and Thora Storm Upper Secondary School (TSV). The two schools have participated in two successful Interreg projects with the aim of developing entrepreneurial thinking among the students, and inspire them to start a new business. In order to develop the project further Mikiel Antonn Vassalli College was included in the project. They were chosen for 2 reasons; as they are superior regarding creativity and entrepreneurial thinking among youths, and as they will add competence in the field of art and performance. Project will focus on entrepreneurship, the creative industries as well as social entrepreneurship and the value for society.

Groups of students and staff will meet at 4 different C´s, 2 in Gozo, 1 in Sweden and 1 in Norway. The C´s, decribed under LTT, will be a mix of workshops, study visits and challenges, such as Stop the Brain Drain. (annexed)

For the students, the activities primarily consist of participation in two Innovation Camps, one in each partner’s own country and one in one of the partner countries with a performing show as final product. The project uses practical methods to develop cognitive properties, that a hand’s knowledge should develop self-enhancing properties. As positive side effects, one can count on increased cultural and language understanding and reduced propensity to see borders as an obstacle. External activity should lead to inner activity, both essential for the future.

JGY and TSV have strong experience in entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship methodology such as the JA/YE Company Program, Innovation Camps, practical use of knowledge and development of entrepreneurial thinking among students. This will ensure the quality of the business aspect of the project. Mikiel Anton Vassalli College, as experts of performing arts and creativity in the field of arts, will be a guarantor of the artistic aspects of the project.
We strongly believe that the project will develop broad new entrepreneurial skills among students, staff and schools. Our experience has shown that high quality, international collaboration of this kind is vital to the development of the involved school cultures. This ensures that the project will have effect on many students not directly involved in the project.

By helping students to get this international experience through direct contact with the other partners, we increase the skills of the workforce in our respective regions. Students today face an entrance into a labour market with a high level of youth unemployment. The experience that the project gives students will increase their attractiveness and employability when they enter the job market after graduation. On an individual level, there will be opportunities for students to develop a broad understanding of real business challenges and solutions, both through planning and in competition with others. Staff participating in the project will gain opportunities to develop teaching skills that will endure beyond the project itself. Students will benefit from these improved teaching skills and competencies, which will enrich opportunities, offered to students by the project and will enhance the professional skills of teachers. As a long-term benefit, we hope the students will consider starting their own business in the local community in the future, thus creating jobs.

The Partners

Excellence in 3 countries Thora Storm Upper Secondary School is a school located in the city centre of Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city with 190 000 inhabitants. Presently, the school has 775 students, but it is built for up to 850. There are 156 employees, of which 108 are teachers. We offer nine different studyFortsätt läsa ”The Partners”


Camp Creative 2018 STOP THE BRAIN DRAIN! One problem for smaller towns in Scandinavia and Malta is that young people move to larger cities. This means that companies in the smaller towns find it difficult to recruit qualified personnel, and that fewer young people have to take care of an increasing number of older people.Fortsätt läsa ”Activities”

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